KOLAB SATIVA (S) 510 - 0.5G

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Kolab's Sativa 0.5 Vape Cartridge has zesty citrus peel notes, followed by clean, juicy orange. The finish notes are slightly woody, dry and warm, with citrus peel still detectable. This high-quality distillate is in a no-leak cartridge system and is calibrated to work best with Kolab's 510 thread rechargeable battery, resulting in a consistent and enjoyable experience. Battery and charger not included.
Thc / Cbd Range
85 - 85 mg/g
0.85 - 0.85 mg/g

Additional Product Information
Cultivar: Sativa
Brand Name: Kolab
Consumption Method: Vape
Lineage: Strawberry Ice
Dominant Effect: Amplify

Terpene Profile

Myrcene (Hoppy)

Beta Caryophyllene (Pepper/Hoppy)

Alpha/Beta Pinene (Pine)