How do I apply for a career with Value Buds?

Please contact to learn more about career opportunities.   

Do you offer Gift Cards?

Unfortunately, we do not offer gift cards at this time.

How do I return something?

To facilitate the return process and ensure the best possible outcome, we recommend visiting the store from which you originally purchased the product in person. Bringing along the receipt as well as the product itself, in its original packaging, will allow the Store Manager to evaluate the situation and make a decision regarding the refund based on their discretion.

Why do you ID everyone who looks under 40?

We ID individuals who appear to be under 40 as part of our dedication to social responsibility and regulatory compliances. By verifying the age of those who look younger, we actively promote responsible practices and adhere to legal requirements aimed at preventing underage access to cannabis. This approach underscores our commitment to social responsibility by safeguarding the well-being and safety of individuals who may be vulnerable to potential risks. 

Will I be asked for ID every time I visit the store even if they know/ recognize me?

Yes, we will ask for ID every visit to all guests that appear under 40.

Do you deliver or ship?

We do not offer shipping or delivery services at this time.

I have a product-related issue, whom should I contact for assistance?

For any inquiries or concerns pertaining to our products, we kindly request that you go to the store you purchased your product from and speak with the Store Manager.

I’m looking for a specific product in your store, who can help me with this?

To check product availability, we recommend looking at the online menu, contacting the store directly or visiting the store in person. Please note that limited information can be provided over the phone as we are unable to verify identification remotely.

Can you provide product recommendations for medicinal use? (e.g. sleep, pain, etc).

We cannot give out medical advice due to the regulations outlined in the Cannabis Act and guidelines set by Health Canada. The Cannabis Act strictly separates the recreational and medical cannabis markets, with distinct licensing and compliance requirements for each. As a result, recreational dispensaries (such as Value Buds) are not authorized to provide medical advice, ensuring that medical cannabis advice is given by healthcare professionals within the authorized medical cannabis system.